About Valé Luca

Valé Luca is the brainchild of Geelong Local Erin Lucietto. The Geelong born and bred mum to one-year-old Valentino has always dreamed of launching her own fashion label and the birth of her son was the catalyst, prompting her to finally act on her long-held dream.

'My husband and I have spent years travelling around the world, experiencing different cultures, different cuisines, and living our best life, that’s all I ever wanted.'  Erin Explains

In 2019 after the birth of her son, Erin really felt she wanted to build a future that he would be proud of. So, after many years of dreaming, imagining and planning in her mind - she took the leap to create her new business and has now launched her very first collection.

'Valé luca was born, out of my love for fashion and travel, my desire to bring to life what I had been dreaming of. And this also led me to my long-time friend Matt who took everything that was in my head and made it into art. My designs are based on places I’ve travelled to in the world that had an impact on me, combining this love of travel with fashion to create my own label. The name . . . after my son, who changed my world and made me brave enough to follow my dream.'


The first range of comfortable basics have turned out exactly as Erin had imagined. She has worked hard to make her vision come to life.  She is focused on using local suppliers and professionals where possible and will not compromise on the quality of the fabrication used in her garments.

'I love comfortable, eye catching and slightly oversized pieces and this is reflected in Valé Luca's first collection.'


Valé Luca will continue to produce only a very limited number of each design, which contributes to the exclusivity of the collection. When we say limited number, we're talking around 25 pieces of each design.

'I want to create pieces that are unique and being small production, makes them even more special.

My pet hate is when something becomes popular and everyone has the same!  I want to keep designing, keep evolving and love what I do.'


When you wear Valé Luca you can be confident you probably won't see anyone else wearing it, which is just the way Erin intended.

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